Friday, May 16, 2014

Six months!

Dads... what are you gonna do?
Well I can't believe that Kaden is already 6 months old! I know this is a little late. I keep starting milestone posts and then just don't finish. So this is me, starting again and following through. Kaden is such a happy baby. He is always smiling and laughing. Kaden now has two teeth, right there on the bottom. At his six month check up he weighed in at 15.2 lbs and 26.3 inches long. We have tried a few solids with him already, namely oatmeal cereal and peas. Both have been epic fails... The oatmeal makes Kaden throw up for about 12 hours after eating it and he wants nothing to do with peas. We are going to continue and try other things. Kaden is not crawling yet, but when I put him on the floor he rolls all around. He's a sneaky one. He can now also sit up on his own, though he likes to be on soft surfaces rather than the floor. Kaden loves having you blow raspberries at him as he tries to mimic you. He also loves music and dancing. He will stop everything to watch The Big Bang Theory theme song. He also loves holding Mom's water bottle and chewing on the mouth piece.
He loves his Thrift Store ladies. 
We love this little man of ours. He makes us laugh everyday and it's a joy seeing him learn and grow. Our favorite right now is laying in our room listening to Kaden play and talk to himself as he's laying in bed before he falls asleep.

In other news, Garrett is going on his first deployment! He has training in Mississippi June 9-19 and will be taking leave in route to his deployment. We will be in Utah from the 20th for about ten days, and then Garrett will leave for six months for his deployment to Qatar. I will be flying to Texas for a few weeks and then returning to Utah for our family reunion. And returning home to Okinawa July 23rd. We are excited for this deployment. Garrett is glad to have this opportunity and we have decided now is a good time to take it. I have settled into motherhood, Kaden is old enough to be able to at least acknowledge us as his parents so when we Skype with Garrett he should be able to recognize him, and we have a wonderful network of friends and church members. It will be hard and a long six months, but I know we will get through it stronger and closer.
I can't wait to see many of you when we visit! Sure love ya!

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